sabato 26 settembre 2009

ON THE ROAD #7 – Monterey – S. Francisco - 190km

First time in my life in an Aquarium and I begin with the biggest of the United States – that means probably the biggest in the world – The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Thousands of species of fishes of the bay and of the ocean.
The most fascinating part is the Jellyfish Aquarium: with those strange beings that normally scare us dancing in big blue tanks, with their graceful movements accompanied by a classical music...
This aquarium is very well designed, every part is treated in detail, with explanations and a large section dedicated to kids. I miss my nephew Toti that would be enjoying touching fishes, entering the tunnels of his stature, playing the interactive games... discovering the secret life of the Seahorses, scaring himself watching the white shark very closely...
Monterey retains the characteristics of a fisherman port, even if it has been the capital of California during a long time: little and colorful houses with open air restaurants, tidy and clean. “Why everybody is parking at the paid parking, if there is a big parking in front of the supermarket?” we wonder, taking our lunch of “Salmon Benedict”. A sort of lasagna made with an English muffin (bread), salmon, middle cooked egg and Holland sauce: delicious but heavy! “Well, it could be because Italian are smarter than American!” someone of us says...
It's time to continue the trip and catch the car. We see an envelope under the wipers, more scaring that a shark! It has the address on it and contains a 30$ fine for no parking area! “how they know we weren't at the supermarket?”...”why don't we buy something now?”...”There is the time on the fine, and there will be the time on the receipt if we go now!”. Every smart idea we could get we can never demonstrate we are more intelligent that American people, because of course we are not. We take the fine, and on the road again.
The arriving in San Francisco is amazing! Our hotel is close to the city center and has a guest parking area. Our room is super! It smells like a mildew fungus and it is announced by a corridor of black moquette, that used to be flowered, once upon a time...and the furniture is quite similar to my grandmother's one. But there is a distantly view of the Golden Gate bridge, and we leave the room to go to visit the city as soon as we can. (I didn't mention the dirty swimming pool because is hard to describe it!)
Getting Union Square we decide to take a piece of cake at the famous “Cheese Cake Factory” but, as the name of the place says, is a factory product, nothing compared to the last cheese cake I had in Florence (thank you Giorgia!).
On the way back to the hotel we see a long long line out of a nightclub named “Regency”, that is a gay bar or something...why do we know that? Let me describe the people in line...all men, almost nude, with clothing of leather, with belts crossing their chests, whips in their hands and driver caps on their heads...Angelo and Ciore suddenly accelerate their pace, are they scared of this gay friendly city?

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