domenica 27 settembre 2009

Sept 27th 2009 – LAST STOP: S. Francisco

Is the Best Burger in your life a reality, or is it just an invention by the How I met Your mother American tv show? Is that only the Ciore's American dream or can we get it? That is the question. If you are lucky as us this morning, probably you can meet some Jehovah's Witnesses who speak very good Italian and suggest you a good place to eat one. If you are not, and you simply go to S. Francisco and you have just thrown away your useless Mondadori guide, well then I strongly suggest you to go to the Bilboa Cafè, Fillmore 3199. A simple American bar, with a big screen to watch football, and very gentle waitresses, that make you seat at a clean table. You can eat the most amazing burger in you life, made with real bread and real red and juicy meat, with homemade pickles and thin french fries. After that, you will be ready to go to visit the Fisherman Wharf, a very touristy place, but amazing. Today is Saturday and it is full of people and artists performing. In particular we stop at an entertaining break dance performance: a part from the aerial jumps and involution I really appreciate their selling technique. The speaker passes quite 20 minutes announcing the great big final, calling two very tall men from the public to be jumped on, speaking about what a great and unique jump we are going to see. Meantime, he asks to any five persons among us to be generous, and gave $20 each to go ahead with the performance. Well, they collect 80$ in 15 minutes and the jump is great! Then, they pass around with their caps for more tips! After Fisherman's Wharf is Coit Tower turn, from the top of which we are going to see the whole city and the hills on which this city has been built. Just imaging how do you feel your feet and legs after 10 km walking up and down those hills, and how long you should be desiring to come back to your rented car! The city is amazing, and it offers many things to do, but we are Italian on vacation and our last day, tomorrow, will be totally sacrificed to our most popular religion: shopping. Ciore is asking for it all the time, and we'll finally find an outlet, nothing compared to the Italian ones, but enough to keep him quite. And than, it will be time to come back home for them, and to begin my new Greenbelter experience for me.

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